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Pro-Dosa BOOST

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Pro-Dosa BOOST
Pro-Dosa BOOST is the most complete & balanced multi-nutrient paste available on the International Market.

Formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in training, competition, transport or under stress.

Essential for those individuals that need greater nutrient supplementation to maintain normal health, appetite or metabolism especially those horses with low red blood cell parameters, poor body condition or appetite, problems with chronic tying up, or early signs of heat stress.

Replaces the administration of electrolytes by stomach tube as well as injectable amino acids, trace minerals and iron solutions.
Provides a full complement of balanced nutrients to ensure optimum health, performance and recovery.

Pro-Dosa BOOST contains

Vitamin C - An antioxdidant which reduces oxidative muscle cell damage which can occur during exercise and in transport. Required for the absorption of iron from the gut.

22 Amino Acids - necessary for muscle cell recovery and growth,  also involved protein metabolism and the release of metabolic hormones, they also stimulate thirst

B Vitamins - Required in higher amounts in horses under stress, important in energy production, nerve function, appetite, coat and skin condition

Vitamin B1, Tryptophan, Tyrosine and Magnesium - Nutrients involved in normal nerve function, nutrients that help relax horses.

Iron, Folic Acid, B Vitamins,  and Amino Acids - which play a role in red blood cell production

No fat soluble Vitamins – that will bind with iron and prevent its absorption.  No Selenium - which can be toxic if over supplemented. No Cobalt.

Electrolytes – Balanced broad spectrum electrolytes including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride, which are important in muscle metabolism and energy production.
  • We advise that you are aware of any rules surrounding the administration of supplements for your discipline and jurisdiction
  • Pro-Dosa BOOST comes in an 80ml one dose syringe allowing for ease of administration, either administer orally over the tongue, or alternatively over top of the horse’s feed. 
  • Always ensure your horse has 24/7 access to clean fresh water.

Transportation: Give one tube four to twelve hours prior to travel and one tube on arrival after a long trip or in extreme heat.

Racing: Give one tube four to twelve hours prior to racing, give a half tube after each hard workout

Competition / Polo: Give one tube four to twelve hours prior to event.  If competing over multiple days give one tube at the completion of each day.

Endurance: Give one tube four to twelve hours prior to ride and ½ tube at the completion of each loop.

Health Tonic: Give one tube of Pro-Dosa BOOST initially, then half a tube every second day for two weeks.